Telepathy iii


Live performance. Two sets of performers (two onsite and two offsite), 60fps projection, wireless headphones, computer-generated human-edited script.

Duration variable

A set of performers interact in front of an audience, reciting lines that are fed to them through ear-pieces by other performers offsite.

The work’s overture contains a list of collected online terms. Most are used to proclaim allegiance in a fast-moving ideological landscape. Buzzwords come and go, though few have staying power. Even leaving the confines of the screen and taking hold irl.

The horseshoe theories of today could be the accountability discourses of tomorrow.

Shown at ‘Pennies From Heaven’. Organised with Sam Cottington and Jack O’Brien at London Performance Studios during June 2022.

Performed by Jak Skot and Philip Speakman as Declan and Maddox. With Nia Fekri and Jed Kass as the Offsite Possessors