Ethical Non-Monogamy (Telepathy IV)


Live performance. Two sets of performers (four onsite and two offsite), wireless headphones, deck of ESP cards, painted gouache on clear PVC.

Duration variable

“All players know exactly what is going on, it all happens out in the open.”

Four performers huddled around a camera speak in unison. They repeat out loud the words coming through the headphones they are wearing. Two performers offsite are reading the text to them. Largely gleaned from online vernacular, the text mimics the cadence of self-help and relationship advice content as well as online political terms. Each section of the text changes the performers’ actions, changed at will by the offsite readers that are remote controlling them and remaking the work as they go.

Shown at Ginny on Frederick in August 2023.

Performed by Alicia Gladston, Jordan Mouzouris, Pina Pimpicka and Phil Speakman as the Relay and with Jess Heritage and George Bularca as Offsite Possessors.