3'58'', 1080p, 60fps, Total Render Time (614h), computer-generated human-edited script.

Text recorded and performed at Wysing Arts Centre in December 2019

“Let me set the record straight, this isn't a soliloquy. This isn't a view into a character's soul, it's a tool I'm using to produce interesting dialogue that other writers could use. What's often neglected is that the perfect writing is the emotional voice we hear when we think about our characters and what we want them to do. If we can't see that, how do we get it? I remember when the iPhone became invisible The previous generation was a suppository that melted with you body temperature. And we supposed. And we supposed. I remember how I was on vacation, fishing for a Wiffle ball with one of my best friends But it was not the ball, it was a bunch of names and numbers I didn't even know and I had no money. This is why I sell. What if I am lucky to make $5,000 off of 2.5 gigs, what is my limit? You would probably have much bigger ideas of building a business and someday becoming wealthy and famous, right? You might buy a plane. Or updating mobile apps at the fringes: "We need to keep you up to date at the edges. It felt like the world was becoming more immersive," Lee said. "At the time, you just felt the space around you was getting larger and larger. I think that feels right, especially at an event like this.” I remember walking by our dorm room in freshman year in college and feeling totally out of place in a room full of baby-faced blonde women with their smartphones out. They didn't seem to know they were standing in a technology company, like they were still part of the cloth. And I realized I was fighting for my very survival in a battle that I had no hope of winning. One day, I went through a bad patch of not having a job. I even considered quitting school. I was sitting in my car with my friends at night when “Everything got transformed into iterations of myself, and it was very painful." "I'm still in pain, and I still feel that I'm a very selfish person and a bad person," says Nungesser. "But I do feel like I have a voice, and if I can give back some of what I feel is being taken away, I would." "There's a certain amount of self-pity, because it's like, 'Oh, if only I'd done this or I'd done that,' " she says. "And it's like, that's the point of doing something. It's not that people are inherently bad." Nungesser is concerned that she can't get into a Five eyes scanner watching from up under The next thing that was the most surprising was his eyes. The first thing he did was to point out all the people who looked exactly like him and the second thing was to point out all the people who didn't. Then the next thing that was surprising was that all the people who looked exactly like him had very similar eyes. As they walked up to the man who seemed to be the head of the entire organisation, the group stared at each other. When the man who seemed to be the leader of the organisation heard about that, he had his brows furrowed and was giving the people a strange look. The man was an older man with dark skin. He was tall and looked about twenty years old. He had a thin and white looking face with no nose and a small smile. He wore the uniform of the organisation. The man was looking at the man who appeared to be the head and when he saw this, he was taken aback. "It seems you all have a grudge against me"

Wolf Mouth (Five Eyes), Upper scan, 2019